Solaris Smart Fluids – PURA

May 17, 2020 wkvn1

Solaris Smart Fluids provides research, study, development, production, installation and marketing of innovative and high-tech products in the field of water, air and water treatment plants waste and renewable energy.


Mission and Services
Assistance and the provision of innovative and high-value services technological in relation to the typical jobs of companies operating in the supply chain environmental for the treatment, purification and purification of the water, for the treatment of solid and liquid waste and for plants for renewable energy production.

Management of training, updating and consultancy activities of safeguard and protection of the environment, as well as technical assistance and administration to public and private bodies regarding protection and rehabilitation environmental, occupational safety and hygiene.

Technical, procedural and documentary assistance for participation in tenders, public procedures in general and for the coordination of suppliers.

Design, construction and management of bioconversion for the treatment and recovery of waste and residues of agro-industrial and agricultural and renewable energy.

Hydraulic works for aqueducts, sewers, solid waste and liquids, air treatment, and for irrigation and hygienic systems.