Feasibility Study

Cost Analysis for Process Plant Equipment

Solaris can assist and support its clients in the design of process equipment and plants through the design of ​feasibility studies, aimed at the identification of the costs related to the realization of certain projects.

The feasibility study is the result of a series of analysis and evaluations aimed at defining a certain project feasibility and thus its concrete technical and economical realization.

The feasibility study includes the design of:

  • Process flow diagrams indicating the main system control logics (​Process Flow Diagram)
  • Data tables of all the equipment involved in the production process (​Equipment Data Sheets)
  • Time / labour diagram of the production cycle (​Production Cycle Diagram)
  • Definition of row materials of the duty cycle
  • Definition of quantity, size and cost of all the equipment involved in the process
  • Production costs

The feasibility study is thus crucial when deciding to start a new project, and allows to have at hand all the relevant data with which making all the necessary evaluations.