Solaris Training Center

Solaris Training Center offers to customers the possibility to run their experiments at laboratory, pilot and industrial scale, and to work on process development and optimization.
Solaris Training Center, located in Mantova Italy gives also the opportunity to perform operational trainings for customers meanwhile their fermentation systems will be ready for install.
Within the Solaris Training Center, a battery of bioreactors at scale (from 200ml up to 750 L) and TFF units is made available to help study scalability.

What are the advantages to run a process at the Solaris Training Center?

The Solaris Training Center is ready to host customers working within many fields of applications, such as biotech, pharma, agriculture, food & beverage, and many more.

  • Customers are assisted step by step by our qualified personnel.
  • Studying process optimization is crucial for maximizing costs, throughput and efficiency, eliminating redundancies and errors, reducing risks, improving the workflow and forecasting changes and needs.
  • Performing a successful scale up, in order to be ready to produce at commercial scale, preventing costly errors.
  • Customers will have the possibility to verify which type of equipment they would need to purchase in order to have the best results from their process.

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