Optimized Production of Xylitol from Xylose Using a Hyper-Acidophilic Candida tropicalis


First Author: Tamburini

Publication Year: 2015

Journal: Biomolecules

Solaris Device: Jupiter


Abstract: The yeast Candida tropicalis DSM 7524 produces xylitol, a natural, low-calorie sweetener, by fermentation of xylose. In order to increase xylitol production rate during the submerged fermentation process, some parameters-substrate (xylose) concentration, pH, aeration rate, temperature and fermentation strategy-have been optimized. The maximum xylitol yield reached at 60–80 g/L initial xylose concentration, pH 5.5 at 37 °C was 83.66% (w/w) on consumed xylose in microaerophilic conditions (kLa = 2·hí1). Scaling up on 3 L fermenter, with a fed-batch strategy, the best xylitol yield was 86.84% (w/w), against a 90% of theoretical yield. The hyper-acidophilic behaviour of C. tropicalis makes this strain particularly promising for industrial application, due to the possibility to work in non-sterile conditions.

Keywords: xylitol; xylose; fed batch fermentation; Candida tropicalis; hyper-acidophylic

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