Innovative Process Control Systems for Lab Fermenters / Bioreactors


Bioprocess Made Easy


LEM_1 is the unique process control system (PCS) for Solaris benchtop fermenters and bioreactors from 200 ml up to 20 litres, both autoclavable and SIP.

The controller is integrated in the supply of IO, Jupiter, Elara ST, Elara Flat and Genesis.

Its super compact size (35 x 35 x 35 cm) and ability to stack units with dedicated silicone support provides considerable space saving in the lab — especially when running multiple processes.

The PCS contains all automation and components needed to manage and control the fermenter/bioreactor.

The control system is based on a Siemens 7 PLC, making communication simple and stable, and ensuring easy scalability and long-lasting efficiency. A PLC-based controller allows you to easily add external accessories to the configuration of the fermenters: balances, sensors, additional external pumps, etc.

LEM_1 is equipped with a 24” Touch Screen all-in-one PC. Integrated Leonardo 3.0 software empowers users to run up to 24 processes in parallel. The PC can easily be mounted on top of the PCS through its dedicated sliding holder or can simply lay on the bench.

Most of the sensors and the devices integrated into Solaris’ fermenters and bioreactors use a Modbus communication protocol, which guarantees robustness, precision and quicker data acquisition, minimizing communication errors and avoiding fluctuations.

On the front side of the PCS, four Watson Marlow peristaltic pump heads are provided as standard. The pumps can run different flow rates as required, with different tube sizes. Maximum flexibility is achieved by assigning different functions to the pumps from the software.

All connectors are located on the back side, alleviating the aesthetic design of LEM_1. The connections include agitation control, gassing control, sensors and torque measurement. Additionally, the connectors panel can be unscrewed to reveal a sliding cart which makes it easier to access during maintenance and setup assistance.

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