Mobile pH controller/dO2 measurement

Sinope is a mobile pH controller and dO​2​ measuring station that can be connected to different types of tanks, flasks, reactors and fermenters.

Designed mainly to be used as a tool for universities, schools and basic research, Sinope is composed by an all-in-one PC with proprietary software, n.2 Watson Marlow peristaltic pumps WM 114 type and a pH sensor with cable. Sinope Plus adds a dO​2​ sensor to the configuration.

pH and dO​2​ sensors are available in 4 different lengths: 125 mm, 225 mm, 325 mm, 425 mm.

Features and Benefits of SINOPE

Continuous trend graphs representation.
Producing setpoint profiles of the variables over time.
On line calibration.
PID setting.
Data extraction.
Estrazione dati.
Remote Control.