Leonardo 2.0

Leonardo 3.0

User-friendly software

The software is the user’s best friend in experimental design planning and performing trial runs, as well as analyzing and optimizing media and parameters for cultivation. The graphical user interface enables you to select the software functions intuitively.
Data extracted are compatible with Windows Excel. However, Solaris has developed a platform where to easily and quickly manage fermentation data. This software is included in the fermenter supply and can be installed on unlimited number of client’s PC or laptop.

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Do it parallel: smarter... faster!

Leonardo can be used for process development (i.e. time-saving ∙ parallel fermentation approaches) Up to 24 indipendent fermentations/cultivations can be carried out simultaneously.

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Do it wireless!

Increased mobility: users can roam around lab or reaching office or home without losing their connection with the running batch.

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