Algenist And Checkerspot Partnership for Microalgae Innovation


A new, strategic R&D agreement has been announced by Algenist, the market leader in plant-based, 100% vegan, high-performance skincare and Checkerspot, a materials innovation company, focused on advanced microalgae-derived materials and ingredients.

With this collaboration, Checkerspot will be Algenist’s innovation hub and microalgae R&D center, positioning the brand at the forefront of microalgae innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

Algenist will be working with Checkerspot utilizing its WING™ innovation platform – researching, conceptualizing, developing and commercializing industry-changing microalgae materials and technologies.

From an operational point of view, Algenist will use Solaris bioreactors installed in Checkerspot production laboratories where Checkerspot focused on bringing materials to life by innovating and delivering improved performance, with the ability to apply its expertise in developing new materials across multiple categories and industries.

The faculty to produce regenerative ingredients in the lab, utilizing a greener manufacturing process, is critical for Algenist and their future. “By partnering with the best in microalgae science” the CEO says, “we are focused on renovating long-used and somewhat outdated technologies that will be introduced into the world of personal care in the near future.”

The use of materials from renewable sources is crucial to face the environmental emergency, and the application of biotechnology in this field is expected to grow exponentially.

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