A F.A.T. day in Solaris


Our F.A.T. is different 

Factory Acceptance Test went very well and a brand new pilot scale bioreactor is ready to fly to Checkerspot headquarters!


But … what is a F.A.T.?

A Factory Acceptance Test consists of evaluating the equipment during and after its assembling process. The purpose is to verify that the unit is manufactured and operates in accordance with design specifications.

A F.A.T. ensures that all the parts and controls operate properly, in alignment to the  equipment functionalities that are tested. This test is performed at the factory to avoid any possible discrepancy or non-conformity and also to know how to properly manage the equipment throughout specific training. Any anomaly that might emerges during the Factory Acceptance Test is reported and fixed before shipment.

This test brings benefits to buyers, users and for the manufacturer, because it ensures compliance of the equipment to contractual specifications prior installation at customer’s site.

Each system has its own F.A.T. which is customized to follow the different procedure requested from the specific equipment. The test is not only suggested but, if the application software of the logic solver or if the architecture are complex, it become mandatory according to the standard IEC 61511.

A correct Factory Acceptance Test helps to: obtain certain proof of functionality, verify all important documents such as manuals, instructions, plans, drawings, P&IDs and finally ensure that the equipment and plants performs as expected in likely conditions.

It’s necessary to do this procedure accurately, a fast and not accurate F.A.T. can lead to missed nonconformities which can wreak havoc the project.

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