Solaris participated 2023 KSBB Spring Meeting and International Symposium


Solaris participated 2023 KSBB Spring Meeting and International Symposium.


The Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (KSBB) began in 1984 to support the research community of biotechnology and to provide services to members for cooperative exploration. KSBB is a nonprofit professional association for biotechnology scholars, academics, and professionals.

It has expanded to be one of the largest and most preeminent academic societies in the field of biotechnology in Korea.

The primary aim of KSBB is to promote and share research activities of biotechnology in South Korea.

It has been an invaluable event linked up to academy and industry, even administrative agency. With the main theme of “Towards Healthy and Sustainable Bioeconomy”, numerous approaches to make our planet sustain against current challenges such as resource depletion and global warming were introduced and discussed.

In the Plenary lectures:

  • Christina Smolke, CEO of Antheia & Professor at Stanford University, introduced gene engineering technology to synthesize medicinal compounds in yeast. We were proud of Antheia to develop the technology with Solaris Lab JUPITER system.

The other speeches by Prof. Christopher A. Voigt, Prof. Molly Stevens, Dr. Susan Jones, Prof. Robert S. Langer and Prof. Jin-Soo Kim were also about programmable plant-microbe communication fertilizing self-sustainable ecosystem.

Through the individual sessions, there were multifarious ideas and technologies such as biochemical carbon capture and transformation, plastic up-cycle technology, innovative protein design and microbial metabolism, synthetic biology, biotherapeutics, protein and enzyme engineering etc. to be discussed.

Thank you, all speakers, for the innovative research. We look forward to seeing your achievement to change our planet substantially.

Solaris a Donaldson Brand has provided sustainable and affordable bioprocessing solution to global customers, who are exactly going into the same mission, since 2002.

We shall endeavor to provide suitable platform to carry out the mission for preserving our planet as a home of all.



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