Full Flow Filtration System

Solaris Filtration Systems


Full Flow Filtration Series are semi and fully automated filtration systems available in different volumetrics and totally customizable. 
The systems design follows a tailor made approach, with standard housing on a skid which can be designed according to customer’s needs.

Features and benefits

Standard filter housings flexibly adapted to the process needs 
Maintenance friendly and hygienic design 
Donaldson LifeTec series of cartridges for sterile-, pre- and safety-filter applications   
Filtration for clarification, trap-filtration and cold sterile filtration of Water, process liquids and several chemicals 
Configurations with one to three pre-filtrations steps are equally possible as parallel configurations for redundancy or continuous filtration
Flow rates up to 600hl/h. 
Hygienic or aseptic design guidelines, available in ASME and ISO Pipe standards. 
Available in a manual and fully automatized configuration. Integration to the existing plant is possible upon request.
Can be easily monitored and adapted via LEONARDO SCADA user friendly software

Some features.

Euphoria systems

give the possibility to different down stream filtration processes required from different field of bioprocess.

Donaldson Filtration Solutions


  • Innovative SCADA software LEONARDO 3.0: a smart and user-friendly controller designed to provide a high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes.
  • Data extraction in .csv format.
  • Remote access via PC, tablet or smartphone, with QR code scanning or dedicated portal.
  • Remote control for after sale assistance.
  • Synoptic page with manual operation and active monitoring of relevant process parameters 
  • Save, load or delete recipes
  • Continuous trend graphs representation to track, print and export data on up to 6 processes and set point variables
  • Attribution to the variables of maximum and minimum values to act as alarm thresholds

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