User friendly PCS software for benchtop bioreactors and fermenters

Software Lab

Leonardo 3.0 is the software installed on all Solaris’ fermenters and bioreactors, from benchtop units to pilot-industrial scales.

The software is web based, installed on a 24” all-in-one touch screen interface with Linux operating system.

The interface communicates with one or more Siemens PLCs to control and record all the process parameters applicable to the bioreactor during cultivation, showing the recorded data in real time to the user.

Leonardo is user-friendly, intuitive, clear and easy to use. The internal pages clearly show the functions associated with them. Plus, an online software context-manual is provided to show the function of each button visible on the screen.

Integrated software system


  • Up to three-point calibration. The calibration curve, created in real time, shows the quality and, indirectly, also the status of the probe.
  • In case of parallel processes, the calibration values can be applied to several fermenters/bioreactors simultaneously.
  • Possibility to save and load past calibrations of sensors and actuators (e.g. pumps).


  • The recipe is divided into phases, set by the user. Possibility to create custom phases.
  • In case of parallel processes, the software can display the same variable for all the units with the dedicated “parallel” function.
  • Parameters can be set to read-only (off), in control following the set point (on), or in cascade (cascade) for dissolved oxygen.
  • Each pump can be associated with a different function, which can be modified from time to time.


  • The scheme represents the status of the actuators for the single unit or for multiple units in parallel.
  • Each device can be controlled manually, with the possibility of applying the same action also to multiple parallel units.


  • Up to 6 sizes can be displayed, aligned (vertically or horizontally) or superimposed, showing the set point, the process value and the different phases of the process.
  • The same size can be compared in parallel in case of multiple running processes.
  • The user can act on the graphs, zooming, dragging them manually, saving/eliminating them and export in PDF or CSV format.

Logic Parser

  • The Logic Parser allows to create customized logic functions and controls through a dedicated puzzle interface, to integrate the automatic controls set in the Workflow page.
  • The Logic is additional to the basic controls, and particularly useful when in need of extra controls over the basic ones.
  • Each logic block works in parallel with the others, giving the possibility to use more logical functions that work simultaneously.
  • The logic blocks can be constructed and applied to a single fermenter, or to multiple fermenters. They can be copied, pasted, disabled, rehabilitated, duplicated or deleted.

Access and Remote Control

  • The administrator can create and manage all the users, selecting a name, an alphanumeric password, the operating language and the privileges for each of them.
  • Solaris fermenters connected to an internet network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) can be remotely controlled in two ways: either by scanning the QR code (at the top of access page) or by logging in via a dedicated portal. Access can be made from any mobile device, such as laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Log Data

  • The Log page records all the operations performed in the software, together with the type of action, the recipient fermenter, the agent, the IP address, the day and the time of the actions.
  • Log data can be exported in CSV format, in PDF (as report) but cannot be deleted.

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