Gas analyzer for laboratories and industries



Metis is a multi-channel, combined gas analyser for O2 and CO2 designed and manufactured specifically for usage in bioprocessing, microbial fermentation, and cellculture applications. The system is supplied with a PC with dedicated HMI for monitoring and controlling parameters.

The unit is equipped with an inlet line selector (multiplex) that allows the unit to be connected with up to 8 fermenters/bioreactors.

Gas concentration values of the two gases are displayed on the PC monitor and analysed and graphically represented online with subsequent calculation of the respiration coefficient.

Features and Benefits of the
METIS Gas Analyser

The utilization of high technology, minimal internal volume transducers, and moving parts allows improved gas interchange and reliability.
The system utilizes a PLC board to control integrated components and instrumentation.
Acquisition of data in real time and conversion of the signals from the sensors applied to the process into values expressed in the specific units of measurement of each variable.
Continuous graphic representation of the behaviour of O2 and CO2, with the possibility of changing configuration, scale, dynamic zoom and exporting graphs on a printer.
Channel configuration: set up gas reading parameters to analyse.
Probes calibration.
Temperature compensation.
Calculation of: OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate), CER (Carbon Dioxide Evolution Rate), RQ (Respiratory Quotient).

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