New fresh look for an old fermenter!


Solaris includes revamping and refurbishing among its services.
After a careful mechanical and electrical evaluation, we are able to advise our customers how to restore their old fermentation equipment.
Solaris proposes total or partial solutions, with mechanical, piping, automation and control revamping.
We have developed special software possible to adapt to fermenters of different brands and our staff is ready to be at your service in order to find the best solution possible to satisfy your needs.

Why is it important to
offer a revamping service?

When a customer starts a bioprocess following certain conditions and a certain equipment and, above all, when the combination of these elements offers him a desired result, a natural need arises in him to always have that configuration in its activity.
Our goal is to help customers manage their bioprocess so that they can get to the desired production.
To achieve this aim it is therefore right and necessary for us to offer our experience and production to the possibility of recreating and achieving the process conditions defined as ideal by each of our collaborators.
This allows us to gratify the customer, to give value to his  process and to his knowledge about it, but also, to give value to our products, making them able to adapt to even the most diverse situations.

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