Benchtop Electric Mini Fermenter

Single & parallel autoclavable
stirred mini-fermenter/bioreactor

Solaris Lab


IO is a completely electrical mini fermenter/bioreactor with a fast and accurate thermoregulation system (without water circulation).
With total volumes of 200ml or 1000ml, it represents an innovative device for process development and media optimization.

Solaris IO

Features and benefits

Single-wall borosilicate glass vessel, with thermoregulation performed through a Peltier Cell (no need for an external chiller/water supply).
Different configurations available for microbial (aerobic/anaerobic) and cell culture applications, with the choice of Rushton/Marine/Pitched-Blade impellers and fluted/L-shaped sparger.
Wide range of measurement and control options, including temperature, pH, dO 2,   dCO 2, redox, antifoam, level, conductivity, weight, cell density (total cells, viable cells).
Modbus digital sensors reduce background noise and guarantee quick response time.
Suitable for batch, fed-batch and continuous processes.
LEM01, the PLC-based control system supplied with the unit, integrates 4 fixed or variable speed peristaltic pumps.
Powerful and accurate (1 RPM) brushless motor.
LEM01, the PLC-based control system supplied with the unit, integrates 4 fixed or variable speed peristaltic pumps.
Different gas mixing strategies with up to 5 TMFC and/or solenoid valves.
Gas out can be optionally integrated with a condenser with Peltier Cell.
Extremely compact system maximizes lab space.

Some features.

IO's Relax

Six Solaris
Lab Colors


  • Innovative SCADA software LEONARDO 3.0: a smart and user-friendly controller designed to provide a high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes.
  • Full version included in the equipment supply.
  • Up to 24 units managed in parallel with a unique HMI (24”).
  • Data extraction in .csv format.
  • Remote access via PC, tablet or smartphone, with QR code scanning or dedicated portal.
  • Remote control for after sale assistance.

Frequenty Asked Questions

A compact benchtop bioreactor is the right measure between flasks and industrial-scale products. You get far greater control and precision over the culture process parameters than you would have using flasks, but still you can work with little volumes, avoiding wasting and cutting off costs. They are easy to handle, clean and sterilize. They let you remotely control the process, so you won’t have to loose a lovely seaside trip during the weekend just to feed your cells on a summer’s Saturday.

IO can be
equipped with


Solaris Lab IO Applications

Can be used for

Basic research
Process development and optimization
Scale up and scale-down studies
Scale up and Small production

In the following
application fields

Find your application

Dietary supplements, Food additives.

Biotech and Pharma

Antibiotics, Antitumorals, Human Vaccines, APIs, Hormones, Non-addictive Pain Killers, Monoclonal Antibodies.


Bioactive ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, Q10 Coenzime.

Food & Beverage

Meat/cheese/wine starters, Meat Preservatives, Cellular Agriculture, Flavors, Plant-based substitutes for meat products, Low Carb Drinks, Fermented Drinks.


Biopolymers, Bioplastics.


Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, Algae Fertilizer.

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