Pilot Industrial Tangential Flow Filtration System

Pilot and Industrial Tangential
Flow Filtration Systems

Solaris Filtration Systems


Tangential flow filtration or Cross flow filtration Tytan develops a process in which unfiltered product (retentate) flows tangentially across a membrane surface. Any dissolved or undissolved permeate component smaller than the membrane passes through it, while larger suspended particulates remain in the retentate flow.

Features and benefits

Ceramic and polymeric membranes are available in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.04µm to 1.2µm 
Numbers of modules available up to 12
Stainless steel (AISI 316 and AISI 304) manufacturing
21,5” HMI touch panel
Pre-filter (strainer) 
Dry running protection over- and under-pressure protection
Automatic backwash
Available tanks to buffer filtrate and retentate 
Centrifugal pumps for supply and transfer of the product
Filtration and CIP-Programs run completely automatic and can be easily monitored and adapted via LEONARDO SCADA user friendly software

Some features.


Starting from the clients’ URS, Solaris manufactures tailored TFF solutions, to be applied to the recovery and separation of biotechnological products in downstream operations.


With TYTAN, customers can opt for custom-designed vessels with smart sensor technology integrated for optimal process workflow.

TFF Configuration Options

Based on specific process / product needs, TFF configuration can integrate several different membrane types including:

  • spiral wound
  • hollow fiber (polymeric)
  • cassettes (polymeric)
  • tubular (ceramic)

Donaldson Filtration Solutions

Filtration Membranes

Our filtration specialists are always ready to suggest the best membrane in terms of materials, geometrical configuration and operative parameters, in order to:

  • concentrate at the best efficiency.
  • avoid gel layer problem.
  • optimize the cost/profit ratio.
  • minimize scale up cost.

The Systems

The systems are fully suitable for inline CIP and compliant to the most current GMP regulations, and to PED standards.

The measurement and control system is based on a SCADA supervisory Lab View, SFC-10, connected to a PLC.


  • Innovative SCADA software LEONARDO 3.0: a smart and user-friendly controller designed to provide a high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes.
  • Data extraction in .csv format.
  • Remote access via PC, tablet or smartphone, with QR code scanning or dedicated portal.
  • Remote control for after sale assistance.
  • Synoptic page with manual operation and active monitoring of relevant process parameters 
  • Save, load or delete recipes
  • Continuous trend graphs representation to track, print and export data on up to 6 processes and set point variables
  • Attribution to the variables of maximum and minimum values to act as alarm thresholds

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