MEVO 2024: A Culmination of Innovation


 MEVO 2024 Recap: A Culmination of Innovation

For the second year, Solaris was happy to attend the MEVO 2024, the Annual Meat Evolution Leaders Summit.

MEVO stands out as a summit for leaders, gathering up to 250 decision-makers from both prominent and small-scale manufacturers, commercial producers, investors, cutting-edge technology providers, intellectuals, brands, and forward-thinking pioneers in the future food industry.
This exclusive event is tailored for those seeking to expand their knowledge and presence in the rapidly growing market.
The focus at MEVO is not a matter of whether cultured meat is possible but rather how we can collectively make it affordable, safe, and delicious. The summit is a collaborative journey towards evolution in the realm of cultured meat, uniting diverse stakeholders to address the challenges and opportunities of this burgeoning market.

Thank you to everyone who joined Solaris Biotech at The 2nd Annual Meat Evolution Leaders Summit #MEVO2024 in Barcelona! 
It was an incredible journey of exploring the future of the food industry, one cell at a time.
A heartfelt thank you to all who visited booth N.4! Your enthusiasm and engagement made our experience even more special.

From insightful discussions to shared visions, we are inspired by the energy you brought to MEVO 2024.

Pioneering Discussions:

“The summit provided a platform for pioneers in the field to exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate on shaping the future of cultivated meat and seafood. Solaris Biotech was honored to be part of these groundbreaking conversations.”

- Katrien Verbrugge, Director Sales EMEA Bioprocessing Equipment

"It was really interesting to meet new players involved in the Cultivated Meat and get a better vision of their needs. Also to catch up with others we have already been collaborating with"

- Isabel Tafalla, Area sales Manager Iberia Bioprocessing Equipment 

From keynote speakers to interactive sessions, MEVO 2024 was a melting pot of innovation.
We hope you enjoyed exploring the possibilities and potential that lie ahead in the world of sustainable food solutions.

Embark on a visual voyage by visiting our website to witness snapshots of the unforgettable moments from MEVO 2024. Immerse yourself in the excitement and reconnect with the unfolding narrative of Solaris Biotech's expedition.
Whether you were a participant at MEVO 2024 or avidly followed our updates, your feedback is invaluable. Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences as we navigate the frontiers of possibility within the food industry. Extend the conversation across our social media channels and anticipate forthcoming updates on Solaris Biotech's pioneering innovations and contributions to the future of food.


We extend our heartfelt thanks for joining Solaris Biotech on this transformative odyssey.
Together, we are sculpting a future that is both sustainable and delectable. 


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