20 YEARS! Happy Birthday Solaris!


4th July 2022, Porto Mantovano, Italy

20 years ago, to date, Solaris was born.
Solaris was born in 2002 in the province of Mantua, a city famous for its historic Renaissance architecture and located in the North of Italy.

The desire to emerge and bring out a better world led the founders to define and establish a technologically innovative reality on the market, based on the principles of fermentation.
Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the biotechnology field and in the development of know-how for companies in the sector, the need emerged to create a unit that would allow the small and large-scale implementation of the same knowledge developed.

Each reality and each new project start from a goal.
The main objective is to provide the reference customers with the help and the possibility to develop and define known and new bio-processes, which can bring out the vision of interconnection between man and Biotech.
The aim is to bring sustainable, efficient solutions that can have a strong impact on the extraordinary revolution of the common way of life.

Starting from these bases, it is good to ask why to dedicate oneself to the production of bioreactors/fermenters, reactors and tanks? And why decide over time to stay in the sector by expanding with filtration products, to cover the supply chain of B2C companies as much as possible?

The development of new cell cultivation methods offers alternative solutions to markets such as food and agriculture.
The fermentation of microbial strains and recombinant proteins allows the development of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and many other elements that allow the safeguard of the human species every day.
Fermentation is an ancient practice, but never more used and renewed than today.

Its development, therefore, is determined as an action as necessary as it is useful in the current time and in the near future.

Solaris today celebrates 20 years.
The full and just reached maturity of a company that remains firmly on the market, trying to support causes and organizations that make a difference.

We are extremely happy with this achievement and we are immensely grateful to all those who believed in this project with us and who continue to believe in it every day.
Collaborators, customers, organizations, institutions, workers, family and friends who have always supported us, in every goal and in every difficulty.

Thanks to Donaldson, global leader in providing engine and industrial air, oil and liquid filtration solutions, who understood our reality and decided to believe in it, together with all of us.
Having the support of the “big” is needed in any process of growth and expansion and we are really pleased to be able to affirm that we still have a lot to say together with this great company.

Get ready, this is just the beginning!

The Solaris team

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