Fermentators, bioreactors and packaging for sustainability


In the environmental, economic and social sphere, Sustainability is the process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the investment plan, the orientation of technological development and institutional changes are all in harmony and enhance the current and future potential in order to meet humanity’s needs and aspirations.

Focusing on the conduct of today’s activities, on the basis of sustainable development, is a determining factor for those generations who in the future will find themselves having to reap the benefits of our work.

According to the World Economic Forum, by using today’s production systems, we won’t be able to meet future demands for food&beverage, agriculture, biomaterial and more products, and meet the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC, undersigned in 2015).

To create a global system that is efficient and sustainable, we need to change part of our productions processes.

Fermentation could be the right way to improve humanity conditions. It is an ancient production method that is transforming our modern systems and so is increasing the attention on human and world resources as needed.

Fermentation is definied as the next frontier of alternative proteins: the pillars of the alternative protein industry – plant-based, cultured and fermenting – allow companies to create more sustainable and less expensive products than to those that come from industrial animal agriculture.

Fermentation also is one of the most valid system of conservation of products that allows to increase of the shelf life of products; it is an innovative and technical way to cultivate and to development of bioplastics and biofuels; fermentation is a method to re-create internal digestive mechanism of cows to understand how to reduce the production of methan or how to create sustainable feed and biopesticides; and again, it is used to engineerized yeasts or proteins to produce pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and alternative foods.

These are not the only functions of fermentation/cultivation and with other of its millions applications represent what’s the aim that brings Solaris in the market every day. Create somenthing better, help to improve the world and increase the humanity stability in the world is the first purpose of all Solaris’ activities. Aware of the great environmental impact and sustainable innovation that these products and these production processes can bring to the world, the company is committed every day to increase its cooperation for a greener world.

The company wants to be really aware of the importance of making continuous improvements in its productions, to make the process more efficient and, therefore, to make customers able to benefit from the advantages offered by products and services.
In order to offer the best possible experience and to follow this purposes, Solaris started a new green initiative: using an innovative Packaging that will be with any of its Lab products.
It is a black case on wheels which guarantees the safe transport and storage of any type of equipment thanks to the structure and materials used in its construction. The strength and quality of the raw materials used on the outside and the design of the appropriate internal protections, allows to consider it a real packaging aimed at protecting any material placed inside.
The new case as a low environmental impact because don’t required other packaging that would then need to be disposed of.
The case can flight and travel as it is without the need for external protections, allowing to keep all types of equipment in perfect efficiency, while also safeguarding its commercial value and guaranting the less use of waste materials.

Solaris’ aim is to improve the packaging solutions in order to ensure greater product safety, as well as maintaining a
coordinated communication respect its high-level sustainable image.


Being here is important, being here sustainably is better!

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