Solaris at LabVolution 2023. The trade fair for the smart Lab


The future of laboratories was displayed at Labvolution 2023 in Hannover, Germany.

The Labvolution is a trade fair showcasing the latest trends and advancements in laboratory technology, biotechnology and analysis.

The three-day event will take place May 9-11 in Hannover, Germany. The exhibition focuses on workflow optimization, communication standards, innovative laboratory equipment and automation that will revolutionize the laboratory industry.

Decision makers, product developers and users from all areas of the laboratory industry will gather this fair to closely follow the latest developments and future trends at LABVOLUTION.

"Obviously, we could not miss it!"

It's well known that Solaris is divided in two branches, and one of them is dedicated to laboratory scale equipment that goes from 120ml up to 20L. For this reason, we decided to bring and show some of our most sold product at the fair.

Starting from our ONE, the benchtop stirred fermenter/bioreactor accompanied by a 2L single-wall design vessel with a thermoregulation performed with heating blanket and cooling finger.

Continuing with the Jupiter, our single and parallel autoclavable stirred mini-fermenter and bioreactor with 2 different volumes of vessel: the 2L and the 4L Jacketed borosilicate glass vessel designs.

Last but not least, our IO. This benchtop bioreactor is a completely electrical product with an accurate and fast thermoregulation system. With a total volume of 1000ml, it represents an innovative device for media optimization and process development.

With a white and clear design booth located in the middle of the hall, we also present our innovative promotional videos, an energic, rhythmic and dynamic way to make ourselves better known by the visitors of the event.

Our experts colleagues were there!

From our General Manager to the Sales director of Emea, without excluding the Sales Engineer and the technical exponents, the members of our Solaris team offered various opportunities to dialogue in order to expand their know-how and strong capability.

At the end of this experience, we would like to thank all those who stopped at our booth, also thanking all our collaborators who came to visit us.

Being this event one of the leading European trade fairs for innovative laboratory equipment we hope that our company have conveyed to the public and visitors, curiosity, interest and all the innovation that we carry behind.




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