Solaris Biotech and Wildtype Announce Agreement for Large-scale Bioreactors for Cultivated Seafood Production


Porto Mantovano, 14th November 2022


  • Solaris and Wildtype sign agreement to collaboratively develop a new generation of bioreactors to foster large-scale production of cultivated seafood.
  • Bioreator systems are one of the most important pieces in the productive infrastructure of the cell cultured food protein business and the advancement of new cultivated food technologies.
  • Solaris will help Wildtype further develop and scale its seafood cultivation processes.


Donaldson Brand Solaris Biotech, a leading innovator and manufacturer of bioreactors, fermenters and tagential flow filtration systems has entered an agreement with Wildtype, a San Francisco-based company focused on creating cultivated seafood. The two companies will engage in a collaborative development program to design a next generation family of bioreactor systems to help meet the growing demand for seafood.

Food is fundamental to our existence, and food demand is increasing with rising income levels and a multiplying global population. Alternative proteins are at the forefront of these innovations. "Solaris, with our specialized bioprocessing equipment, is uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the advancement of new cultured food technologies," said Matteo Brognoli, Managing Director of Solaris. "Alternative proteins have become the fastest growing segment for bioreactor systems, and we are proud that our cultivators are enabling technology for a leap in the food industry."

"Wildtype is on mission to produce the cleanest, most delicious seafood in the planet," said Justin Kolbeck, Wildtype CEO. "Annual global seafood consumption is expected to go up 23 million tons by 2030 and one of the most important pieces in the productive infrastructure are the cultivators we use to grow cells. With Solaris' technologically advanced solutions we have found the right partner to help us scale and make our products more affordable and accessible."


About Us

Solaris, a Donaldson brand, is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fermenters, bioreactors, tangential flow (TFF) and depth (FFF) filtration systems used for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food industries. Our product and development teams create solutions at all scales, from benchtop R&D systems to complete engineered solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Since November 2021, Solaris has been a part of Donaldson Company (NYSE: DCI) and its expansion into life sciences. 

About WildType

Wildtype is on a mission to create the cleanest, most sustainable seafood on the planet, starting with sushi-grade salmon. The company is pioneering cellular agriculture to protect wild species and our oceans, and to reverse trends of global food insecurity. Wildtype will provide consumers with a new option for real seafood that provides the same nutritional benefits as the most pristine wild-caught fish, without common contaminants such as mercury, microplastics, antibiotics or pesticides.  



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