Solaris lands in Boston's "Silicon Valley" of biotech


Boston (MA), United States, Sept. 28, 2022 - Press Release


A new press release is out about our new activities: Solaris is opening a new showroom in Kendall Square in Cambridge, the new Silicon Valley of biotech and we are attending the BPI (BioProcess International), one of the most important exhibitions on bioprocessing.

"Solaris Biotech is a leading innovator and manufacturer of bioreactors, fermenters and tangential flow filtration systems that enable the technology to be used for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food industries.

Matteo Brognoli, CEO of Solaris Biotech, says, "The United States is at the forefront of biotech process development, and the Kendall Square area in Cambridge in the Boston area is the 'Silicon Valley' of the industry. This is where the most dynamic players in pharma and biotech projects operate. We have seen how important it is to be physically visible to customers with the success of our first US office in Berkeley, California, and we are confident that our new presence on the East Coast will be just as effective."

BPI describes itself as "the largest event on bioprocessing to learn how to accelerate promising biological, cellular and gene therapies to commercial success. Each year, BPI's scientific agenda includes more than 200 of the industry's top scientists presenting the latest updates on how to improve efficiency at all stages of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing." 

Solaris, which has been part of the Donaldson Group since November 2021, is present with a booth #1218 shared with Donaldson itself and Purilogics, another Donaldson Group company active in the biotech sector.
Solaris is exhibiting laboratory equipment, suitable for research purposes and small volumes, intended for universities, specialized centers and start-ups.

Top product development and design teams enable Solaris to create solutions at all scales, from bench-top R&D systems to complete engineered solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

At Solaris we have our administrative and manufacturing headquarters in the province of Mantua. Now, with the new opening we have three sales and service offices in San Francisco Bay Area, California, Cambridge, Boston, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as well as a network of local representatives in more than 40 countries around the world. Solaris assists its customers step-by-step in the design and implementation of complete process plants, from feasibility study to start-up.

Biotechnology is a growing field whose applications impact all aspects of daily life, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, from wines to agriculture."

Solaris Media contact: 
Raffaello Porro - Mob +393351015456 


On the fifth floor of the CIC in Cambridge, Boston (MA) from 6pm to 9pm on 28th September 2022, Solaris presents its production, its team and offers an Italian Happy Hour.

Thanks to the Venture Cafè space in the center that offers a meeting between innovative and technologically advanced minds Solaris will make the evening a pleasant opportunity to forge new commercial, professional and personal relationships.

Beginning in the second half of the year 2022, Solaris opened a new division in the United States based at the CIC coworking space in downtown Kendall Square in Boston.

CIC is a global leader in the creation and management of innovation campuses, managing shared workspaces in the United States, Europe and Asia. Its collaborative work environments support thousands of people interested in innovative solutions to local and global problems.

"Driven by the belief that stronger innovation ecosystems help foster economic development and social impact, CIC co-founded several mission-aligned organizations including Venture Café, CIC's primary programming partner, and CIC Health."

Being able to work closely with different biotechnological realities, within a reality recognized internationally as a source of the synergies existing between imagination and ingenuity benefits Solaris' activities and collaborations.
Solaris learns, studies, deepens and improves itself thanks to this new adventure and for this reason it is ideal to share it with a large number of alternative cooperators.

The event starts with a company presentation and an introduction about the Solaris' physical presence on the East Coast of the United States, followed by the opportunity to have a look of the newly installed company showroom on the fourth floor of the CIC.

During this tour the clients have the opportunity to discover and have a direct contact with Solaris benchtop units. Talking about fermentation and how we help its process, it's the aim.

Being physically near the client, give them new ways to discover the company and its production, introduce the company to new fields and projects, expand the geographical horizons (not just in a ideal way) is a need, is what Solaris expects from its future.

Could an Italian happy hour be the first step?
What's better than good company to talk openly about future dreams and aspirations?!


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