Solaris Trainings – Why is important knowing more about bioprocesses


Porto Mantovano, 15 and 16th March 2022

Solaris’ Training Sessions.

As per definition Trainings are organized descriptions of the activities and resources a company will use to guide a group toward a specific learning objective.

The objective of bioprocessings is to make possible the production of a value-added material from a living source. The key component in these systems is that the source organism is alive and responsive to its environment.

Biotechnology is important for its implications in differents fields starting from health and medicine (with the alteration of genetic material scientists have been able to create new medicines, including interferon for cancer patients, synthetic human growth hormone, synthetic insulin and more others) arriving to environment, nutrition and sustainability (thanks to mammalian cells, fermentations, nutraceutilcas, proteins and biomaterials humanity is develping innovative and alternative sources of sustenance).

The definition of bioprocesses therefore makes it clearer why those who implement and make them public need to have a specific and defined training, not only in the process as such but also in the method and tools to carry it out.
Studying the structure, activities and roles in nature of prokaryotic microorganisms (bacteria and archaea), eukaryotic microorganisms (protozoa, fungi and algae) viruses and cells, identifying them and identifying their relationships with other organisms and their use in productive activities, allows to know better what actions to take in order to safeguard a specific bioprocess and therefore produce an expected result.
Knowing the configuration of a bioreactor, a filtration system and a preparation/storage tank allows to evaluate and choose which elements allow a better growth of cells and bacteria based on the thermoregulation, aeration, feedings, stirring group and other important components that are structured inside a fermentation equipment.
This is also necessary based on that the industry standard has been to increase, which results in an increase in the size of the bioreactors used in production cycles.
Knowledge is needed from cell line optimization to large-scale industrial production through the process development.
Solaris continuously trains its staff, customers and collaborators to help them understand and manage a bioprocess.
Thanks to the training courses, employees will understand the importance that Solaris places on recognizing their professional future and their personal worth. They will therefore be able to feel directly connected to the heart of the company and will be more likely to communicate and share these feelings also with customers and collaborators.
At the same time, the staff will be able to establish a team building spirit and make their customers feel valued. Thus, customers will feel followed and motivated, with the perception of being central to their work and production process with the constant support of a careful collaborator.

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