The Annual Meat Evolution Leaders Summit 2023. #MEVO2023


Nowadays, the global market for cultivated meat is reaching between $30- $100 billion. Mevo is the annual meat evolution leaders summit that brings in-person decision makers from notable manufactures, investors, commercial producers, intellectuals, brand and new business realities, who desire to increase their knowledge andfoothold in this new and without any doubt sucessful market. 

This will be an opportunity to focus on global regulatory developments, innovations and highlighting innovative market. The exhibition will focus on the newest technologies, practices and strategies that can reduce production costs, in order to develop an efficient cultivated meat production. 

Why we need to attend this event?

Because we will have the opportunity to learn and sharing advance scale-up strategies from both lading company and supreme consultants that possess an incredible among of experience, sharing all the innovation related to cell culture media and cell line companies and see and show the latest suppliers for bioreactors fermenters, fluid management and data analytics. 

Solaris will take part of this amazing event as a part of its journey to an innovate and immersive world, showing a variety of solutions offered in our portfolio.

We will be there with our Jupiter model benchtop bioreactor, the piece de resistance of our laboratory production and our IO model, the fully electric benchtop bioreactor of our company. 

Mevo will be an excellent opportunity to extend our position in the cultivated meat market, to meet new potential customers and share, with those who desire, all our history and working ability. 

We always support the world of alternative proteins, and this will be another fantastic opportunity to not miss.

In the main room of the Hotel Palace Berlin (Budapester Strasse 45, Berlin) booth number 13 you will have the chance to see our production and creation and talk with our Managind Director Matteo Brognoli, our director Sales Emea and other colleagues. 


We are waiting for you, do not hesitate to come and visit us!

MEVO 2023, we're ready! 

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