Pass the Mic #6 – It’s our customer turn to talk| Extracellular


Pass the Mic #6 – It’s our customer turn to talk| Extracellular


We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest video for the popular Pass the Mic playlist!

For this new episode, “it’s our customer @Extracellular’s turn to talk”.


Extracellular is a company working in the field of cultivated meats and sustainable food technologies. It aligns with the growing interest in alternative protein sources to address the environmental and ethical challenges associated with traditional animal agriculture.

Extracellular are using our bioreactors to develop manufacturing processes for the cultivated meat industry.

Cultivated meat, also known as lab-grown meat or cell-based meat, involves the production of meat products directly from animal cells in a controlled bioreactor environment, without the need to raise and slaughter whole animals. It is well documented that meat production contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and land use. In addition, climate is a substantial risk to global food security.

Extracellular, among other companies in this field, are contributing to a more sustainable and ethical food system by potentially reducing the environmental impact of meat production.

We take pride in our continuous commitment to combine expertise, resources, and cutting-edge technologies to accelerate research, development, and commercialization efforts.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce innovative products and solutions to the market, driving innovation forward. ExtraCellular is a contract development and manufacturing organization focused on supporting cultivated meat companies getting to the market quicker and more affordably.

They’re using our ONE, the stirred-tank benchtop bioreactor, to demonstrate suitability of microbial and mammalian systems for cultivated meat application. It’s a device used for the cultivation of microorganisms or cells in a controlled environment. It allows researchers and biotechnologists to carry out various fermentation processes, such as growing bacteria, yeast, or other cell cultures, under controlled conditions.

Our Solaris ONE bioreactor allows them to test cell performance at small-scale before scaling to larger systems.

Their team is using our lab equipment to test agitation, temperature, pH, dO2 and feed strategies.

At Solaris, we support them to translate their lab-scale processes into the bioreactor in a short period of time.

Extracellular: “We found the Wi-Fi enable bioreactor with a simple web interface useful to set up and design process easily.


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