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Scale-up to the stars 


In the ever-evolving field of biotech, the scale-up process plays a crucial role in transforming laboratory discoveries into real-world applications. Bioreactors, the heart of industrial bioprocessing, are essential tools for scaling up biological processes and maximizing production efficiency.

From pharmaceuticals to biofuels and beyond, the importance of the scale-up process with bioreactors cannot be overstated. Solaris is a leading provider of scale-up bioreactors for various applications in the biotechnology industry. We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and supply of bioreactors that can be scaled up from laboratory-scale to large-scale production.

Scale-up refers to the process of increasing the production capacity of a biotechnological process from the laboratory or pilot scale to the industrial scale.

It involves replicating and optimizing the conditions under which a specific biological system operates to achieve the desired output on a larger scale.

The aim is to achieve consistent product quality, higher productivity, and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining process stability and safety.

Our bioreactors are specialized vessels designed to provide optimal growth conditions for biological organisms, such as microbial cells, animal cells, or plant cells, within a controlled environment. They mimic and enhance the natural growth conditions required for the organism's metabolism and productivity. Bioreactors offer several key advantages for the scale-up process:

  1. Controllable Environment
  2. Increased Production Capacity
  3. Process Monitoring and Control
  4. Sterility and Contamination Control
  5. Process Optimization

Furthermore, our Machines have a Supervisory control software that plays a crucial role in bioreactor plants by providing a centralized system for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing various aspects of bioprocesses. It serves as the brain behind the operation, facilitating efficient and reliable operation of the bioreactor facility.

Here are some key reasons why supervisory control software is essential in bioreactor plants:

  • Process Monitoring and Data Acquisition
  • Process Control and Automation
  • Alarming and Safety Measures
  • Batch and Recipe Management
  • Optimization and Process Efficiency
  • and Connectivity

By leveraging the power of software control, bioreactor plants can operate efficiently, produce consistent results, and drive advancements in biotechnology.

From the smaller to the bigger, Solaris is ready to meet all demands. 


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